Chiltern Foodbank Celebrates their 10 years Anniversary today!

27th January 2021


10 years today!

It seems unbelievable, but today marks 10 years since Chiltern Foodbank started!

During that time, we have provided over 211,500 meals to those in need of emergency food across Chiltern. A phenomenal achievement. But also, a very sad one because people in Chiltern shouldn’t be in such food poverty that they have to rely on Foodbanks.

We believe that everyone should have enough money to buy the basic essentials and no one should have to go hungry.  Yet in the past 10 years we have seen a big increase in people needing emergency food parcels, particularly during the current pandemic.  In the past 12 months alone, we’ve provided over 57,800 meals.

Thank you so much to everyone who has played their part in this. Our volunteers, donors, referral partners, and local community. THANK YOU! You’ve all been there, enabling us to get donated food to those that need it.

Chiltern Foodbank has much to be proud of over its ten-year life. We are here and will continue to provide emergency food while it is needed, but we very much hope that after another 10 years the people of Chiltern will be able to buy the food they need themselves and Chiltern Foodbank will no longer be needed.

If this is going to happen then there will have to be some fundamental changes both to prevent people falling into financial difficulty and to help those in crisis to find their way out of it. With this in mind Chiltern Foodbank is giving grants and working in partnership with others to alleviate local poverty. Together we can make a difference.Watch out for further updates during our anniversary year.

Thank you again for being part of this very important venture.



Lou Webber, Chair

Diane Rutter, Coordinator

and all the Trustees


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